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3D Printing in Medicine



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on 3D Printing

in Medicine

Collaboration Partner


Allianz SE

Allianz offers a wide range of insurance and fund products to over 85 million customers in more than 70 countries.


Insurance business

Our retail and corporate clients enjoy an extensive product selection in all insurance business lines, designed to protect them against any risks. We are the world's number one property and casualty insurer and are among the top five companies in life and health insurance.

Most markets are served by local Allianz companies; in addition, there are also business areas with a global reach, for example the insurance of global corporate customers, credit insurance, assistance services and re-insurance.


Asset Management

As of December 31, 2015, with approximately 1,800 billion euros assets under management, we are one of the largest asset managers in the world managing assets with active investment strategies.

We run the Asset Management business out of two distinct investment management businesses, Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) and PIMCO. Both units operate under Allianz Asset Management (AAM).

Particular strongholds include the United States, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Asia-Pacific region. As of December 31, 2015, Allianz managed 1,276 billion euros of third-party assets.



3D Systems

3D Systems’ product line includes high-end 3D printing services for metallic implants and instrumentation used for orthopedic, spinal, CMF, dental and veterinary applications. Medical device companies rely on our expertise and Direct Metal Printing (DMP) capabilities to guide them from prototyping and trial series to large volume manufacturing.

As DMP bypasses multiple metalworking operations, tooling and assembly costs are reduced drastically. The lead time typically shifts from months to weeks compared to traditional technologies. The economic advantage of shorter time-to-market for new medical devices allows for reducing the stock levels of devices at distributors and hospitals.

3D Systems pioneered healthcare solutions that enhance quality-of-life through the use of 3D printing technologies and has been at the forefront of surgical planning and personalized medical solutions for almost two decades. Our products and services meet the needs of customers ranging from medical device OEMs and teaching hospitals to individual healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to help doctors train for, plan, practice and perform complex medical procedures and achieve better patient outcomes.

Arcam Cad to Metal GmbH

Arcam provides a cost-efficient Additive Manufacturing solution for production of metal components. The technology offers freedom in design combined with excellent material properties and high productivity.

Arcam’s market is global with customers mainly in the orthopedic implant and aerospace industries.

The company was founded in 1997 and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Sweden. Head office and production facilities are located in Mölndal, Sweden. Support offices are located worldwide.

Arcam is an innovative partner for manufacturing in the orthopedic implant and aerospace industries, where we deliver customer value through our competence and solution orientation.

Since the birth of Arcam, our vision has remained the same: to revolutionize the art of manufacturing complex parts. Arcam offers a complete portfolio of EBM machines, auxiliary equipment, software, metal powders, service and training to support our customers. The patent portfolio consists of 200 patents/patent applications belonging to 56 different registered patent families.


Bösing Dental & Implant Solutions

Your complete solution for CT guided dental implants and customized surgical guides.

Our Dental Masters Laboratory is always working with the most modern equipment. With the continuing education of our team we know about the newest progress in dental medicine and dental techniques. Our claim is to deliver the highest quality dental products to our clients.


We love what we do – Find out for yourself!

  • Implant Prosthetics
  • 3D-Planing
  • 3D-Printing
  • CAD/CAM Technology
  • Surgical Guides
  • Customized Abutments
  • Aligners


“CERHUM is specialized in ceramic additive manufacturing (3Dprinting) and helps its customers to design, select best BIO-materials and realize finished products from prototypes to series.”


This production company is specialized in ceramic additive manufacturing process (3D printing) and other advanced process. CERHUM helps companies to design, choose the best material and then produces from small to big quantities. Its expertise covers Medical and biotechnologies, but also electronics, aerospace, automotive, luxury... CERHUM is a close partner of strategic 3D players like Sirris (BE) and Prodways (FR).


Its founder and CEO, Grégory Nolens,

Specialized in advanced manufacturing and in medical device, Grégory has a strong background in products development using innovative process for further industrial applications. Next to his PhD in Biomedical sciences, Grégory has developed expertise in advanced manufacturing, in ISO standards and regulatory affairs. He is also external lecturer at University of Namur, teaching students the innovation and realities of medical industry.




Concept Laser GmbH

Concept Laser GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of machine and plant technology for the 3D printing of metal components. The patented LaserCUSING® process – powder-bed-based-laser melting of metals – opens up new freedoms when it comes to configuring components and also permits the tool-free, economic fabrication of highly complex parts in fairly small batch sizes.

The applications of medical technology include, among others, implants for the skull, hip, spinal column, foot, knee joint and other prostheses for fractures, deformities, degenerative instability, tumor diseases etc. Surgical instruments and medical devices are other typical applications of 3D metal printing, as are crowns and bridges, model castings and abutments in the dental field.


ConforMIS Inc. and ConforMIS Europe GmbH

ConforMIS is a medical technology company that uses its proprietary iFit® Image-to-Implant® technology platform to develop, manufacture and sell joint replacement implants that are individually sized and shaped, or customized, to fit each patient’s unique anatomy. ConforMIS offers a broad line of customized knee implants designed to restore the natural shape of a patient’s knee. In recent clinical studies, iTotal® CR, ConforMIS’ cruciate-retaining total knee replacement implant and best-selling product, demonstrated superior clinical outcomes, including better function and greater patient satisfaction compared to traditional, off-the-shelf implants. ConforMIS owns or exclusively in-licenses approximately 500 issued patents and pending patent applications that cover customized implants and patient-specific instrumentation for all major joints and other elements of the iFit® Image-to-Implant® technology platform. ConforMIS believes its iFit® Image-to-Implant® technology platform has application to other major joints in the worldwide market for joint replacement products. ConforMIS Europe GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of ConforMIS Inc. USA.

DreveDentamid GmbH

In order to come up to the growing demand for digitally produced models and drilling templates DreveDentamid GmbH have profoundly engaged themselves in this topic.

With an enormous effort of the in-house department of Research and Development Dreve managed to realize all the measures necessary to allow the smooth and trouble-free process of rapid manufacturing per model. We have been employing the generative manufacturing units D30 and D35 in our Unna factory for more than a year now. The Scan-LED technique used in these machines is a further development of stereolithography which allows for manufacturing with highest precision and attention to detail.

With the introduction of the new ordering portal Print@Dreve, DreveDentamid GmbH now offers a very convenient and easy to handle ordering system. Invoicing of the services will be done by the authorized distributor that is chosen by the dental lab. And still the highly qualified technical support is provided by the specialists at DreveDentamid GmbH.



Founded in 1989, EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions. As the leading pioneer of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS™) technology, EOS also provides a unique polymer AM portfolio. For these industrial 3D Printing processes, EOS offers a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials, technical and consulting services. EOS is the partner of choice for industrial AM production, enabling sustainable solutions for the industry. Customers utilizing EOS AM solutions gain many benefits from the paradigm-shifting technology: lightweight structures, cost reduction based on functional integration, individualization as well as accelerated product development and production.



GeSiM mbH

GeSiM is a bioinstrumentation company. With the BioScaffold-Printer BS3.1 GeSiM offers a 3D printing solution for printing of material composites for tissue engineering and medical research. The multi-axes machine allows combining stiff materials for mechanical modelling with cell-friendly soft materials. Up to three pneumatic extruders print materials like hydrogels, alginate, collagen, bone cement or melt PCL. A micro-volume pipetting unit featuring proprietary piezoelectric pipets extends BS3.1 optionally. It allows applying tiny volumes of protein or cell suspensions on 3D structures during the print.

This year GeSiM will launch a melt electro writing module for printing tiny polymer struts. The machine reads in CAD data in the STL format.



GOM-Gesellschaft für Optische Messtechnik

GOM is a global manufacturer that develops, produces and distributes software, machines and systems for industrial and automated 3D coordinate measuring technology and 3D testing.


GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.

“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.” is the leading association for project management in Germany. GPM has been founded in 1979. GPM has more than 7,500 members, of which approximately 350 are corporate members from all areas of business, universities and public institutions. GPM is actually the largest network of project management experts on the European continent. The main purpose of GPM is to promote, develop, systematize, standardize and broadcast project management practice in Germany.


Around 30 GPM Specialized Groups work on different, specific aspects of project management. The specialized groups work on all sectors, develop different techniques and practices. One of the specialized Group is “PM Healthcare” – this group develops project management know how in pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnological, medical technology, hospital and clinical aspects.


Currently there are 37 GPM Regions, spread at local level all other Germany. The GPM Regions play an important role with respect to the project management-based work. The Region Frankfurt/Rhine-Main is one of the leading GPM Region in Germany. It provides a platform for industry networking and experience exchange on project management.



InnoTERE combines people who are focused to develop, produce and market artificial bone. It is our goal to provide patients and surgeons with unique clinical solutions. Patients profit of InnoTERE’s medical devices because they do not need to undergo a painful bone graft harvesting procedure or obtain a bone graft from a human or animal cadaver. InnoTERE’s biomaterials technology is purely synthetic. Surgeons mainly benefit from the ease of handling.

Moreover, InnoTERE’s unique technology platform provides a large variety of calcium phosphate based products for R&D partners – tailored exactly to their needs. This includes powders, pastes, and scaffolds – all chemically or dimensionally adjustable in a wide range. 3D powder printing, bioprinting, in vitro substrates, and implants are all examples of many suitable applications. Long-lasting experience combined with high flexibility and reproducibility allows InnoTERE to support your projects from the first idea to the final application. InnoTERE are THE BONE MAKERS.


KLS Martin Group

The KLS Martin Group is a global, medium-sized, family-owned medical equipment company based in Tuttlingen. Abiding by the corporate philosophy "Surgical Innovation is our Passion," KLS Martin develops comprehensive medical technology solutions that are highly practice-oriented.

With over 1,000 employees throughout the world the Group accounts for about 75 percent of sales by value in foreign markets. KLS Martin has its own subsidiaries and partner companies in the USA, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. Its products are distributed in over 140 countries worldwide.


Gebr. Martin GmbH & Co KG  |  A company of the KLS Martin Group  |  KLS Martin Platz 1  |  78532 Tuttlingen

GERMANY  |  Phone: 0049 7461/706-0  |  Fax: 0049 7461/706-193


Materialise GmbH

Materialise incorporates more than 25 years of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, which together form the backbone of the 3D printing industry. Materialise’s open and flexible solutions enable players in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer goods, to build innovative 3D printing applications that aim to make the world a better and healthier place. Headquartered in Belgium, with branches worldwide, Materialise combines the largest group of software developers in the industry with one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world.


Minerva KG

Founded in 1949 in Göttingen (Germany) Minerva has developed into one of the largest independent bookstores in Germany specialized in Medicine and Related Sciences.

Minerva offers a wide selection of books, journals and electronic products from the most respected publishers throughout the world.

Our clients, such as Hospitals, Libraries, Researchers and Individuals appreciate Minerva's full-service and the high commitment to our customers and their needs. Competent consulting combined with an effective procurement makes our promise come true: Our service for your success!


Multiphoton Optics GmbH

Multiphoton Optics offers a 3D Printer Platform, Software and Prototyping & Engineering Support for high-precision 3D printing of many materials. Additive and subtractive fabrication are integratable into standard 2D process work flows, providing high-precision 3D prototyping of miniaturized designs in automated, scalable processes for products in Information & Communication Technology, IoT, photonic or medical packaging.


Nanoscribe GmbH

Nanoscribe’s 3D laser lithography system, Photonic Professional GT, sets new standards in 3D microprinting and maskless lithography. It is a fast and powerful platform for micro- and nanofabrication and a valuable tool for tasks in R&D in science and industry.

The systems enable the fabrication of true 3D micro- and nanostructures into photosensitive materials based on the technique of two-photon polymerization. In combination with the included software package, the turnkey system is embedded best along the 3D printing workflow and allows highest resolution with a previously unavailable freedom of design.

Subsequent independent processes enable the transfer and/or replication of polymeric 3D printed templates into a large choice of materials. The additive manufacturing of 2D, 2.5D and 3D objects paves the way for a wide field of novel applications, e.g. in photonics, micro-optics, micro-fluidics, life sciences and tissue engineering.


Ortho Baltic Implants - Baltic Orthoservice

Ortho Baltic Implants is a trademark owned by the company Baltic Orthoservice, in market more known as producer of custom-made assistive orthopaedic devices under the name of Ortho Baltic. In 2012 the company invested in additive manufacturing technologies and expanded its made-to-order services to the design and production of patient-specific joints, cranial and spinal implants, bone plating systems, dental & jaw restoration implants and patient-specific surgical guides. Our Quality Management System has been approved to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 standards.

Ortho Baltic is pioneer in developing of patient-specific implantable medical solutions in all East European Region. Our company employs a team of highly qualified biomechanical, mechanical, material science and IT engineers and work closely cooperating with University Hospitals, and actively participates in number of European Research Projects.


OssDsign AB

OssDsign is an innovator, designer and manufacturer of implants and material technology for bone regeneration. We are dedicated to the creation of regenerative implants for healing of bone defects and deficits in skull, facial and other types of surgery. OssDsign has successfully launched its patient specific products OSSDSIGN® Cranial and OSSDSIGN® Facial in Germany, the UK and the Nordic countries, with further global market expansion ongoing.

We are surgeons, scientists and engineers - committed to improving outcomes in cranioplasty and facial reconstructive surgery. By combining clinical insight with proprietary material technology and patient adapted design, we supply an expanding range of tailored solutions for cranial repair and facial bone reconstruction. Our technology is the result of collaboration between clinical researchers at the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, and material science experts at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University.

For more information, visit us at www.ossdsign.com


Renishaw PLC

Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to dentistry and brain surgery. It is also a world leader in the field of additive manufacturing (also referred to as 3D printing), where it is the only UK business that designs and makes industrial machines which ‘print' parts from metal powder.


The Renishaw Group currently has more than 70 offices in 35 countries, with over 4,000 employees, of which 2,700 people are employed within the UK. The majority of the company's R&D and manufacturing is carried out in the UK and for the year ended June 2016 Renishaw achieved sales of £436.6 million of which 95% was due to exports. The company's largest markets are China, USA, Germany and Japan.


Straumann GmbH

The Straumann Group is a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry. We offer our products and services to dental professionals and dental laboratories around the world.


A comprehensive product portfolio

With Straumann’s roots in Swiss precision engineering and clinical excellence, the company has pioneered many of the most influential technologies and techniques in our field. Straumann’s tradition of ‘Simply doing more for dental professionals’ to advance dental regeneration, restoration, and replacement as well as patient care has helped us to consistently broaden our product portfolio since going public in 1998.

Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions represents a complete dental solution, from digital impression-taking using intra-oral scanning to the computerized production of prosthetics using state-of-the-art CAM processing. Each individual step seamlessly interlocks with the next and is designed for high quality all along the digital workflow.


Stratasys Ltd.

For more than 25 years, Stratasys Ltd. has been a defining force and dominant player in 3D printing and additive manufacturing – shaping the way things are made. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rehovot, Israel, the company empowers customers across a broad range of vertical markets by enabling new paradigms for design and manufacturing. The company’s solutions provide customers with unmatched design freedom and manufacturing flexibility – reducing time-to-market and lowering development costs, while improving designs and communications. Stratasys subsidiaries include MakerBot and Solidscape, and the Stratasys ecosystem includes 3D printers for prototyping and production; a wide range of 3D printing materials; parts on-demand via Stratasys Direct Manufacturing; strategic consulting and professional services; and the Thingiverse and GrabCAD communities with over 2 million 3D printable files for free designs. With more than 2,700 employees and 1,200 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents, Stratasys has received more than 30 technology and leadership awards.



TeraRecon GmbH

TeraRecon is the largest, vendor neutral medical image viewing solution provider with a focus on advanced image processing innovation. We are now extending our capability to the 3D printing world with a dedicated image processing workflow to enhance 3D printing outcomes. Healthcare’s first ever online 3D printing service allows physicians to print full-color, remarkably realistic models directly from DICOM data within their existing TeraRecon workflow. Printing your model is easier than ever. Every TeraRecon system houses a feature that allows users to print directly from their existing workflow. It provides a way to print full-color 3D models without the need for a printer or any 3rd party software, while avoiding the use of giant, inefficient STL files. Additionally, TeraRecon offers services to support your segmentation or design needs with complex studies or models.


Universitätsklinikum RWTH Aachen - Zahnärztliche Werkstoffkunde und Biomaterialforschung

The Department of Dental Materials and Biomaterials Research (www.biomaterials-research.de), RWTH Aachen University Hospital (Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Fischer) develops tailored biomaterials for intelligent prosthesis and innovative implants. These novel materials are designed for application in the fields of soft tissue engineering, dentistry, orthopaedics, and trauma surgery. Due to the wide range of interdisciplinary subject matters our team consists of materials scientists, mechanical and biomedical engineers and biologists.

Our research focus is within the field of tissue engineering. In particular we develop novel 3D-bioprinting techniques and investigate the interaction between 3D printed cells and materials in different projects funded by DFG and BMBF. Bioprinting can be used to print cell-laden hydrogel constructs, which are subsequently matured in a bioreactor, to replace damaged or diseased tissue. Furthermore those cell constructs can be used according to the 'organ-on-a-chip' principle. Here, in-vitro tissue models are used to address fundamental biological, medical, and pharmacological questions.


Verband 3DDruck e.V.

The 3D Printing Association adopts a comprehensive cross-sector approach, sees itself as a non-partisan think tank and is prepared to form strategic alliances with all stakeholders who are committed to the development of additive manufacturing in Germany and throughout the rest of Europe.


The 3D Printing Association, Lobby Group for 3D Printing Technology was founded in Berlin in May 2016. The goal is to represent the many-faceted interests of the 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing) sector in interaction with political bodies, society and the media and to act as the voice of our members engaged in research, development and application of this technology. In our view it also includes giving our members the opportunity for networking, informing opinion leaders and the public at large via discussions, projects and events about the wide variety of topics relating to additive manufacturing and monitoring national and international developments and to bring them into the discussion in the interests of these members. Finally we also plan to support training and further training projects in this field of technology..



WEE-Solve GmbH

WEE-Solve GmbH is a service provider for analysis, fractionation / purification of polymers, and contract research in the field of polymer chemistry.


Mainly we offer rheological and viscometric measurements. This can be standard measurements as well as complex investigations. Additional we offer several analysis methods for the characterization of polymers.

Fractionation / purification of polymers

We tailor the molecular weight distribution of your polymer, i.e. we remove low and/or high molecular weight contents or low molecular impurities in order to optimize their properties for advanced applications.

Contract research

We offer general contract research in the field of physical chemistry. In particular we possess long term experience in the determination of phase diagrams, turbidity analysis and research under high pressure.


Media Partners


3Druck.com – the independent magazine for 3D printing technologies – is with over 215.000 page views and more than 70.000 unique users monthly the leading online magazine covering additive manufacturing technologies for the German speaking community.

We are a purely informative medium covering everything around the topic of 3D printing. Besides reading daily news about this interesting and increasingly popular field, we support our readers with overviews for hardware, materials, software and events. Additionally, our readers can share their experience and projects with the community by publishing guest posts. With our platform 3Printr.com we reach out to the English speaking community.


3D printing for beginners

Are you interested in 3D printing but not sure where to start?


3Dprintingforbeginners.com is here to help. We are the One Stop Shop for information and resources to get you started in 3D printing today. No hype or guru talk, just plain hands-on advice!



For 25 years European Hospital has been the voice of European healthcare communication, both with the print edition and the online presence which was introduced ten years ago.

It is our mission to observe these changes and to reflect on them. Our interviews and reports, editorials and product reviews aim to address the needs of hospital managers, medical and technical directors, senior physicians and nursing managers. We will keep you up-to-date on trends and innovations in the healthcare market: We cover the entire field from clinical practice through medical technology to clinical research. Experts will provide answers to the most pressing healthcare issues. Which solutions will really help optimize logistics, HR or financial management? Which high-end products will be launched shortly, which applications will be introduced? How can you tap the full strategic potential of your hospital information system? How can you rein in your nursing costs?

You will find the answers in healthcare-in-europe.com – the heartbeat of the European healthcare market.



mt medizintechnik

The magazine “mt medizintechnik” devoted itself to all aspects of medical technology with diagnostic and curative process and gives attention to the techniques and the operation of medical devices. The magazine informs about ongoing technologies and their use in a certain field, offers market review and describes development trends.

In addition it looks at the entire organizational background of the medical technology. This includes the latest judicial information as well as contributions to the quality-, device- and business management.

 “mt medizintechnik” is the only practically based magazine for medical technology in the German-speaking market. The magazine built a bridge between medicine and technology for the operator and manufacturer for hospitals and the medical industry.


Prototype Today

Prototype Today is an informational resource website for prototyping and manufacturing videos, news and events. The site contains over 5000 videos broken down into 60+ categories for easy access. There are also over 5000 articles and press releases available to search by a variety of criteria including company, most recent, tags, most popular and by month.


VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.)

The VDMA (German Engineering Federation) is the largest industry association in Europe with over 3,100 members ranging from small to medium firms offering high precision engineering, measuring and testing technology, precision tools, machine tools and manufacturing systems and much more in between.

They have branch offices in Berlin and Brussels as well as liaison offices in Brazil, China, India, Japan and Russia and work to represent the shared economic, technical and scientific interests of their members, especially with respect to national and international authorities and business groups.

The Working Group Medical Technology comprises of medical device manufacturers, research institutes and engineering companies. It is the platform within the VDMA regarding production technology and components for medical devices..

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